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Welcome to How to Detox your Life!

Hi there, my name is Kenda. I help naturally-minded mamas find natural solutions to heal autoimmune conditions.

I specialize in helping women heal eczema (which I healed naturally myself).

Feel free to browse my FREE resources, discover my ebooks and courses, join my Facebook community, sign up for my FREE eczema webinar or order your customized natural healing plan so you can start feeling better now.

I wish you health and happiness,


Available Products

Eczema Group Coaching Program

In this group coaching program, you'll:

  • Learn what causes eczema
  • Learn the ideal diet for eczema
  • Learn how to detox (to remove toxic triggers)
  • Learn how to heal your liver for healthy skin
  • Get access to a private FB eczema community
  • Get access to live monthly group coaching calls (Q&A)

Your step-by-step guide to heal your autoimmune condition

Interested in getting personalized support to help you find natural solutions to heal your autoimmune condition so you can leave your pain and frustration in the past and get on with your life? If so, this is for you.

Your FREE (pdf) chart includes:

Antibacterial & antiviral chart - These fruits, veggies, herbs & supplements will help you fight viruses and bacteria naturally so you can avoid chronic illness and autoimmune conditions in the future.

Your FREE toolkit includes:

  • Food & symptom diary - Keep track of the food you eat and your symptoms so you can discover the foods that are making you sick
  • Elimination diet guide - Learn how to remove harmful foods from your diet so you can begin healing

Your FREE toolkit includes:

  • Clean 15 dirty dozen wallet cards - These handy cards make shopping for produce simple. Find produce with the least amount of pesticides so you can buy clean produce every time you shop!
  • Weekly meal planner and shopping list - This makes meal planning so easy, you'll wonder what you ever did without it. Using a meal planner is a game-changer!

Find healthy recipes and plan healthy meals in record time!

Imagine if you could plan healthy meals in 1 hr or less per week and...

  • Find healthy recipes quickly and easily.
  • Build a huge list of healthy meals you can choose from.
  • Plan healthy meals for your family each day.
  • Be consistent with healthy meal planning.
  • Stop searching for last-minute dinner ideas.
  • Stop feeling guilty about what you feed your family.

Join my FREE FB community

Become a member and connect with like-minded people who are looking to heal themselves naturally.

Natural remedies for anxiety

Times are tough right now and anxiety is high, which is why I've decided to offer pay what you what options for this ebook (includes 3 payment options).

You'll discover 35 methods for relieving anxiety naturally including foods to help prevent anxiety, foods to avoid, natural remedies, tips, resources and more.

Complimentary anxiety wallet cards

Keep these printable wallet cards handy so you can boost your mood and lift your spirit with a little extra love and encouragement when you need it.

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