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Complimentary anxiety wallet cards

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Download your cards

Download your wallet cards!

Complimentary anxiety wallet cards

Lift your spirit with this pack of 24 printable affirmations for anxiety. They are bright and colorful - that alone might lift your mood. 😊

These wallet cards will fit nicely in your wallet or in a small space so you can carry them around and peak at them when you need a little pick-me-up. 😊

These are wallet cards.

*This is a pdf - a digital file that you can download and print as many times as you like. Once you buy it, it's yours to use again and again! :)

I suggest printing the pdfs on card stock. Then trim them to wallet-size. You could also laminate your favorites so they will keep longer.

The affirmations include:
1. I accept myself as I am
2. I love myself for who I am
3. It's okay
4. I believe in myself
5. I am healing
6. I am enough
7. I am lovable
8. I am strong
9. I am likable
10. I can do this
11. I deserve to be happy
12. I am worthy of good things
13. I am powerful
14. I am confident
15. I matter
16. Just breathe
17. I am safe
18. I am capable
19. I release my thoughts
20. I accept my feelings
21. I can heal myself
22. I will get through this
23. I will persevere
24. Be present

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